Job hunting without a partner?

Looking for work in the Rockland county, Bergen county, or surrounding areas? RJ-Staffing knows where the jobs are. Whether you are looking for an entry-level temp job or a full-time position, we can find you the right job, quickly. Just one phone call to our office can open many doors for you, for years to come.

Throughout our history RJ-Staffing has partnered with hundreds of local businesses ranging from Fortune 500 companies to “mom and pop” shops to fill a range of positions as diverse as the clients and candidates we serve.

We’ll uncover opportunities in the hidden job market—positions that are never advertised—and prepare you to make a good impression by revamping your resume and coaching you on interview techniques. Best of all there is never a fee!

We’ve helped thousands of talented people find work – we’d like to do the same for you.

who we place


Administrative Assistant
Customer Service
Data Entry
Human Resources
Senior Executives/Management
Graphic Design


Truck Unloader
Forklift Driver
Shipping and Receiving
Inventory Control
Warehouse Management
Quality Control
Machine Operator
Light Industrial

Don’t see what you need? RJ-Staffing handles specific recruiting assignments as well so call us for more information.

flexible jobs and career options

temporary placement

Looking for a short assignment to earn some extra money? Hoping to get your foot in the door at a target company? RJ-Staffing provides short or long-term temporary assignments to suit your availability and goals.


RJ-Staffing will help you get your foot in the door, and then it is up to you to prove yourself.  You’ll remain an RJ-Staffing employee, enjoying our support until you and our client company decides if you are a good fit for the position you are working.

direct placement

Need a permanent position? Tell us about your experience, skills and goals and we’ll tap our network of local companies to find you a job that fits like a glove.


Don’t go it alone! Partner with RJ-Staffing today.